Sarah B


Name: Sarah Cody

Birth name: Lisa Sarah Cody

Age: 16

Hair color: Red

Claims to fame:

Tallest Sarah

Scored 2300 on the SAT

Legally changed her name

Guy interest: Benny Stowe


Stealing stuff all the time is a lot like driving a race car. Drivers are warned not to look at the wall when they're losing control, because you tend to steer yourself toward what you're looking at. For criminals that's a very appropriate metaphor: In order to avoid colliding with the cops, don't think about them.

Fear is part of human instinct. Historically speaking, it's saved a lot of lives.

The rabbit is one of the only two animals that can see behind itself without turning its head. The other is the parrot.

I've always considered the Sarahs my best friends.


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